Location location location. Your customers are not just online or offline, they are both! Location-based targeting is a powerful tool that allows brands to match customers geolocation with their online mobile activity. With the ability to hone in on a customer’s physical location and interests, location-based targeting can help brands deliver hyper-relevant mobile ads that resonate with consumers and boost engagement levels. By using location-based targeting, brands can measure online engagement as well as physical proximity footfall in store.


Timing is everything. That’s where contextual triggers come in: providing a way for brands to connect with consumers in the right place and time. Contextual triggers allow brands to tap into real-time data relevant to their audience, such as time of day, weather conditions, or even the loadshedding schedule, allowing them to refine their messaging and connect with consumers more meaningfully on mobile.


Programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) advertising offers flexibility and effectiveness to help brands reach their target audience, adapt their advertising strategy to changing market conditions, and drive higher awareness and conversion rates. It allows brands to launch campaigns in minutes and adjust messages based on changing circumstances, which can impact consumer behaviour. In addition, programmatic DOOH advertising offers a wide range of inventory, allowing brands to target specific audiences in high-performing venues and shift media Rands accordingly. Like we said, the old rules no longer apply. With Fenix, we move as fast as the market. And help your brand stay in front.


In-game advertising is growing. Fast. It’s a new frontier in advertising innovation and helps your brand reach an engaged target audience with non-disruptive, high viewability, and brand-safe ads. Laser-sharp targeted ads allow to reach specific demographics or game players/genres, depending on their marketing objectives. It’s time to press play with Fenix.


We thought the unskippable ad was gone. But video content is STILL king, and YouTube is the jewel in its crown. YouTube offers brands a massive opportunity to connect with a diverse audience on the biggest video platform. At Fenix we make use of ad-tech that increases your campaign performance on the platform.


Audio is the perfect format for multitaskers on the move. Whether it’s radio, podcasts, or music streaming services, audio media placement offers brands another way to connect with their audience in an intimate and engaging way. By leveraging the power of audio through targeted placements and engaging content, brands can tap into a growing audience that prioritises convenience and efficiency. We are listening to your brand. Now, let’s help your customers hear you.


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