08 Sep 2023

Loadshedding shouldn’t mean lights out for targeted ads

There’s something very depressing about the light from your phone illuminating your face as Loadshedding finds its next suburban victim. What’s more depressing is all the eyes that will no longer see your TV ads.
Your expensive ads. In your expensive primetime media placements.

No light. No impressions. Literally powerless.

Like moths to a flame
But we are resilient. And as South Africans, we find a way. We’ve ditched the plug-in screens. Mobile devices are now the primary source of content consumption when the lights go out. If it has a battery and a screen, it has our undivided attention. Google searches go up during loadshedding. YouTube search goes up during loadshedding. The higher the stage, the more we search. Most of us switch over to mobile data or downloaded content if we are wise enough to prepare.

Sci-Fi Blackout GIF

Giving CPR to your CTR
The lights might be off (unpredictably), but our need as marketers to embrace contextual advertising to improve on ROI is (predictably) an opportunity to eliminate wasted media spend while the power goes down (also predictably). Loadshedding has left traditional advertising delivery in the dark. Content cannot be delivered as planned (or as paid for). This has led to a domino effect in the media chain.

Since we can’t see into the future (despite the accuracy of Eskom Se Push), the ask is that our messages, somehow, get to customers on the right screen at the right time with the right message. There is a little light at the end of the fibre tunnel. And there is an opportunity in the face of this dark adversary.

Brands can now run targeted advertising across mobile devices through static, video and audio online platforms, across various suburbs during Loadshedding! Yes finally! It’s what all marketers have been dreaming of. An API that integrates with Eskom Se Push.

(Light bulb moment activated) THINK of the possibilities. As the lights switch off, your predetermined LSM customer gets the perfect message to head to YOUR store (in person or online) to buy YOUR product.


That 70S Show Idea GIF


If contextual advertising is a hammer, this is a laser-wielding bond villain. And there is only upside. You are able to eliminate wastage and get accurate returns in your spend by shifting from traditional to targeted locations during loadshedding.

Because of the shift in screen behaviour, there are increased touchpoint opportunities. If it has a screen, if it plays sounds and videos, it becomes a destination: games, social media and native. Tell relevant, creative stories or send contextual messaging that considers precisely what your intended audience will be doing when the lights go out.

With all the hype around contextual advertising – we thought to mention that other contextual triggers also include geolocation, UV rays, pollen count and time of day. Now can you feel those creative juices flowing?
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