27 Aug 2021
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Misconceptions around digital marketing

Digital marketing is the latest buzz word in the world of marketing and sales. It is perceived as a silver bullet that will have an instant and significant impact on sales within a matter of days, or even hours. Unfortunately, this is not the case. As with any type of marketing, digital marketing is focused on creating a strong and lasting brand presence and can be used to create a sales funnel which takes time, constant optimisation and consistent, quality content.



Fenix Marketing Director Jenna Chisnall explains: “Think of digital marketing as a marble statue. You start out with a large piece of unshaped marble that you must consistently work on and craft to create a masterpiece. It is the same with digital marketing. First start by getting the building blocks in place, and then constantly optimise and fine-tune to achieve the best results for your company.”


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These misunderstandings around how digital marketing works can often lead to frustration and companies missing out on significant opportunities as they either stop their digital marketing efforts or treat it as an afterthought. Here are some of the most common misconceptions around digital marketing.


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  1. I only need one type of content

All too often companies think they only need to focus on one area of content such as blogs, posting on social media, or just putting up digital banners on websites. With approximately 57% of the world’s population online in some way, decreasing attention spans, paired with rapidly shifting consumer patterns makes it vital to give consumers as many touch points as possible. These touchpoints include websites, social media posts, email campaigns, blogs, video content, white papers, podcasts, adverts, and more. By using as many touch points as possible you build greater brand awareness and trust, improving the possibility of consumers buying your product or service.


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  1. Anyone can do digital marketing

All too often companies decide to leave digital marketing to an intern, junior marketer or their IT department, however digital marketing is a complex ecosystem of various platforms that all need to be integrated to work together cohesively, requiring a certain level of know-how. As with any marketing, a company needs skilled and experienced marketers who understand not only your customers, but also intricacies of the different social media and digital platforms that are available. It is vital to either hire a digital marketing agency or create a skilled digital marketing team within your company.


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  1. Digital marketing is purely for new leads

Yes, lead generation is the aim of any marketing campaign, digital or otherwise. In many cases, the success or failure of a marketing campaign is based on how many leads the campaign generates. Yet there is one aspect of digital marketing that is overlooked- lead nurturing. Your existing clients are the ones who will often be repeat customers or will recommend your company to other people. Ensuring you not only target new customers but continue to focus on existing consumers will set you up for greater long-term success.


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  1. Digital marketing is a silver bullet

This is the biggest misconception people have about digital marketing. There are three major parts to a digital marketing campaign. First is about educating consumers and creating awareness about your product/service/company. Secondly, is to create interest and desire in your product/service/offering, leading to the third part which is generating sales. Being patient and focusing on long-term goals will produce greater success than pushing for mediocre results immediately.


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