28 Jul 2021
Brand Strategy

How do businesses maintain brand loyalty and trust during times of uncertainty

Achieving brand loyalty used to be simple in principle – deliver on quality and value, communicate with customers regularly, be consistent, and become known in the market. While many of these still hold true today, the pandemic has brought about a change in the way consumers interact with brands as well as what they expect from brands – leaving marketers scrambled. The approach to brand loyalty, maintaining loyal customers and the core business offering needs to be relooked in the face of a pandemic for brands to remain relevant and retain customers.



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Consumers have changed significantly, becoming more price and cost sensitive. Businesses need to be aware of this and find ways to add more value during this time, to connect and show support by putting customers interests first.


  1. Be clear, empathetic, and grounded

Being clear, empathetic, and grounded can help build a consumers’ connection with a brand, which has become increasingly important. Fenix Marketing MD Mike Chisnall explains: “Despite being more connected than ever before thanks to innovative technology, people still feel disconnected from one another and the world. As a result, consumers are looking for authentic connections and brands can provide that.” Be clear with your messaging and offerings, staying true to your brand and purpose.


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  1. Be true to your brand and purpose

Every interaction with your customers is an opportunity to demonstrate what your brand is all about. Consumers are paying attention to how businesses are responding, and by going the extra mile with service and support will help foster customer relations. Companies who give extra backing and show empathy will likely emerge as leaders.


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  1. Be optimistic but do not over promise

Over time consumers are realising that there is no quick fix to the issues caused by the pandemic, increasing the need for surety and stability. Appeal to these needs by being realistic. Do not make over the top promises to consumers, remain honest, and show you are hopeful for the future. Your brand will appear more trustworthy, and authentic than brands over committing without accurate delivery.


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  1. Offer more value

Give consumers more than they expect. As a brand you should be looking at providing meaningful value to your customers instead of trying to generate additional business through promotion heavy campaigns. Consumers are not only looking at the cost of products and services, but also how brands have reacted to and dealt with the pandemic. So be innovative and compassionate in giving value – don’t skimp on the cheese.


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