27 Nov 2020
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Ditch Jargon and Use Effective Copywriting to Articulate your Technical Offering

Are you experiencing a disconnect between your solutions offering and your market? Far too often companies who specialise in technical products or services get trapped in complicated jargon. They also find it tough to articulate the distinctive message that makes their brand appeal to its market. Effective copywriting can be difficult to get right, but very easy to get wrong. Here’s why you should take note – especially if you function in a technical industry.

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Effective copywriting enlivens your brand and communicates what you do, why you do it, and what sets you apart from similar brands. Authentic writing should appeal to your audience’s emotions and encourage individuals to opt for your offering over your competitors’. It really is that simple.



The Role of Storytelling in Technical Industries

The importance of compelling content and meaningful storytelling for technical industry role-players cannot be understated. Carefully-crafted content helps you communicate your offering in an approachable way. It can position your enterprise as an accessible, knowledgeable person-to-person/peer-to-peer (P2P) brand.

Solid content creation will help clients untangle highly-technical, industry-specific jargon. This will leave clients feeling empowered and informed. Moreover, this will also foster the brand’s overall credibility perception and long-term growth. Good writing leads potential clients to trust your brand.

Tamsin Henderson, the creator of the #1 best-selling copywriting course on Udemy, notes that “Copy is fundamental to the success of a business. Every word you write is marketing. [Including] your website. Your emails. Your Instagram captions. [And] your LinkedIn posts, landing pages and product descriptions…Really, every word is a powerful opportunity to win the hearts and minds of your customers.”


People Connect with People

Copywriting conveys your brand identity and connects you with your client base. This can, however, be difficult to accomplish if your business forms part of a highly technical, niche industry. Presenting potential clients and funders with overly-complicated, jargon-stuffed copy can sometimes be alienating. Instead, the goal is to humanise your brand with affable, informative content that educates and engages your audience.

Often clients from diverse industries are in the market for products or solutions they may not be clued up on but that you can provide. For example, consider commercial fishermen who need satellite communication technology that keeps them connected no matter where they are on the globe… They understand their industry but may need further explanation when it comes to buying in another. Illustrated here is the need for copy that communicates the detailed specs of your offering while remaining reader-friendly.


How To Communicate Your Offering 

Easier said than done, right? Hack your copy by bringing your complicated offering to life with explanatory blogs, case studies, and project reviews. Keep your brand tone congenial-yet-expert with a trend-aware social media presence that speaks to your clients’ concerns and issues. Consider moving away from stiff, socially-disconnected copy that is solutions-focussed (as opposed to being people-focussed).



Need help shelving the jargon and repositioning yourself as an approachable P2P brand? We can help you articulate your offering with effective copywriting and superior content strategy that serves to clarify your message to your clients. Let’s chat about how we can help you connect with your ideal audience.

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