26 Jun 2020
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The evolving media mix and changing consumer landscape – A marketer’s take

Now, the media mix has been shaken up! Tech has spear-headed digital marketing to take up more ad spend in the media mix. Simply put, a media mix is the combination of communication channels your business can use to meet its marketing objectives. So how should you adapt?

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The New Media Mix

The digital revolution has been huge! It now makes up a profound part in everyday media selection. But other pillars in the media mix are also needed to develop an effective campaign. It is important for marketers to consider multiple marketing activities to support the overall campaign. Complimentary mediums to digital marketing include Radio, Outdoor and PR. These are effective drivers that work well in creating mass awareness.

Events that have changed the consumer landscape include the pandemic, remote working, limited mass gatherings and so on. Marketers and Business Owners will have to take into account that these will have a lasting effect when selecting media.

Marketing activities like events and conferences are being reconsidered in the name of safety. They will have to adapt to more virtual events and webinar-based conferences. Virtual marathons and cycle races will also become a thing of the future where event organisers are adapting to please their clientele.


Changing Engagement

The rate at which consumers engage with their media is driving the consumer landscape. Today’s digital connectivity gives consumers instant gratification in regards to how they engage and purchase from businesses.

It is therefore important to understand your target market depending on their shopping patterns. Where do they consume advertising? What is their buying behaviour? Where are they shopping online or in store? Are they still commuting to and from work?

Changes in media mix, messaging, audience targeting, also need to adapt as consumer behaviours change. Today’s consumers expect the media they engage with to be relevant and targeted at the person-level.


Reach Out

It can be easy to get carried away in doing it all yourself as a business owner. However, when it comes to the media mix, there’s plenty of reasons why partnering with a marketing agency is beneficial.

The world of marketing is constantly changing and innovating. So having a dedicated team ensures that your marketing stays ahead of the curve. An expert’s strategies will boost your marketing light years!

You don’t have to try tackle this without help. We are a hands-on, dynamic agency that is keen to see you evolve as the market evolves. Do you need help making sense of media mixes, advertising budgets, and social media in general? We can lend a hand. How can we help you today?


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